Leticia Paschetta / José Cavallero

We are Spanish and Argentinian architects and Design Master (MDA) UNAV (Spain).

We started our professional experience working for the international architecture firm ACXT / IDOM in Spain, involved in high scale international projects.

In 2009 we started our own practice P+C Architects in Santa Fe, Argentina.

Since then, our work has been distinguished in biennales, and published in diverse international media.

We are Structural Design teachers at the Architecture Faculty FADU UNL (Argentina),  and also invited postgraduate teachers at diverse universities.

We work in I+D in structural design. We have developed an invention structural patent for the “Ludic foldable hanging structure”

We also specialized in the design of ludic, artistic spaces thru the experience of Ludic Landscapes headed by Leticia Paschetta.

Premios y distinciones

Building of the year 2015 (nomination)
Obra: Mini-Gimnasio.

Building of the year 2014 (nomination)
Obra: Sala de Usos Múltipes IFP. PISV.

Selected Work. BIAR Argentine International Architecture Biennale. Córdoba 2016.
Obra: Oficinas SOTIC. S.A. PISV.

Selected Work. BIAR Argentine International Architecture Biennale. Córdoba 2014.
Obra: Sala de Usos Múltiples e IFP. PISV.

Selected Work. BIAR Argentine International Architecture Biennale. Córdoba 2014.
Obra: Casita Plegable – Estructura Lúdica.

First Prize Ludic category. National Design Exhibition and Permanent Collection of Design Macro-Castagnino Museum
Obra: Casita Plegable – Estructura Lúdica.

Argentine Good Design Label 2013. National Ministry of Industry.
Obra: Casita Plegable – Estructura Lúdica.

Innovar 2012 and Tecnópolis 2012 Selection. Argentinean Ministry of Innovation Competition.
Obra: Estructura Lúdica.

Work selected for the São Paulo International Biennial.
Representation of Argentine Architecture, photographic exhibition.
SOTIC Offices. S.A. PISV.

First Price Private Competition.  Oficinas SOTIC. S.A. PISV.

First Price. 242 Viviendas de Protección Oficial (Vitoria Gastéis. Spain). 2006. IDOM. ACXT.

Honorable Mention. National Competition Arts and Science Park (Santa Fe. Argentina). UNL. 2006.

First Prize. Competition 158 subsidized housing (Pamplona. Navarra. Spain). 2005. Eco city of Sarriguren. ACHE Architecture.

First and Third Prize. Project Laboratory. Torcuato Di Tella University (Bs As. Argentina). 2003. International selection of scholarship holders for the Master in Architectural Design at the University of Navarra (Spain).

First Prize. Ideas Competition for the Extension of the Casa de la Cultura (2001 Santa Fe. Argentina).

Second Prize. National Contest of Students of Experimental Housing (Bs As. Argentina). 2000. FADU. UBA.

First Prize. Competition XI International Workshop (Valencia, Spain). Organized by the Escuela Superior de Arquitectura de la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain; École d’Architecture de Paris la Defense, Fakultät fur Architectur Technische Hoschule Aachen, Dipartamento de Progettazione dell’Archittetura della Universitá degli Studi di Firenze and The Manchester School of Architecture.